If you are interested in taking a peek into Profit First just to find out what the all the hubbub is all about, we will cover this in this Quick start program and MORE!

This program will help you to see the immense value of adding the Profit First system to your business and you will be introduced to the basics of setting up and run your very own Profit First system in your business!

Learn How…

1. Profit first and what to expect with this experience.

2. Profit First as presented by Mike Michalowicz

3. How to leverage our current business behaviours to work for us.

4. Using smaller plates and why they are important

5. How to address our temptation

6. How to get into the rhythm and avoid skipping the beat.

7. How to address debt in your business.

8. Five ways to boost profitability!

9. How can I apply it in my business?

10. Accountability and more!

… and MORE!

Start Now – $99 + Tax

If you want to find out how to turn your business around using strategies used with Profit First in your business, then this is for you! Find out why so many businesses experience success using the Profit First, system!
This program has 10 training sessions which are available as you have time to view. It will provide the basics for you to set up your own profit first system for your business.

What others have to say about Profit First...

Profit First is a brilliant smack-upside-the-head revelation for entrepreneurs. Most small businesses look pretty good on the outside, yet actually struggle to stay afloat. With fascinating stories and wit, Michalowicz shows how to remove your nose from the grindstone, climb out of the quicksand, and build a business that loves you back.”

– SALLY HOGSHEAD, author of Fascinate

What others have to say about Profit First...

“Profit First may arguably be one of the greatest ‘hacks’ of all time. Apply the pay-yourself-first principle to your business and watch the profits roll in.”

– CHRIS GUILLEBEAU, author of Born for This and The $100 Startup

What others have to say about Profit First...

Profit First is a game-changer. I implemented the system into both of my businesses and increased profits by 21%. If you want to turn a profit and grow your business, you need this book.”

– MICHAEL PORT, author of Steal the Show

What others have to say about Profit First...

Profit First completely transformed how I handle business banking. I hadn’t even finished the book before immediately putting a four-account distribution system in place for new income: operating expenses, owner expenses, taxes and profit. Mike’s system moved me from break-even to profitable within a month. This book is a must-read for businesses large and small.”

– JENNY BLAKE, author of Pivot

What others have to say about Profit First...

“Twenty-five percent of small businesses have two weeks or less of cash in the bank. Seventy-five percent of businesses have a month or less of cash in the bank. Profit First disciplines show you the roadmap to avoid becoming a statistic. This book has the potential to change the next 20 years of your small business life.”

– DAWN FOTOPULOS, Associate Professor of Business, The King’s College NYC; author of Accounting for the Numberphobic

What others have to say about Profit First...

Profit First is a revelation. I only wish I knew about this system when I started my first business.”

– JOHN JANTSCH, author of Duct Tape Marketing and SEO for Growth

What others have to say about Profit First...

“Entrepreneurs commonly confuse cash flow with profitability. Profit First makes the process so radically simple that you no longer have an excuse not to be profitable AND have cash flow!”

– GREG CRABTREE, author of Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits