Rinette walking on the beach

Rinette Lagace, a best-selling author, has been able to save companies anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.

As a strong entrepreneur herself, Rinette firmly believes that small businesses are the driving force of our economy, and the entrepreneurs who run them are incredibly resilient. As a CPB with 25+ years of experience, she strongly believes in being knowledgeable and skilled in the right tools for her clients. And as the owner of NET Bookkeeping, she feels that success can only be obtained for herself – and her firm – when her clients are successful.

As the author of “The Courageous Entrepreneur”, Rinette has drawn from her work experience to create a resource for small business owners and bookkeepers alike. Based on simple day-to-day issues, it focuses on areas affecting cash flow – both positive and negative – while also providing strategies to overcome or avoid those issues. Through the sharing of real-life stories, it drives home how seemingly insignificant an action can be, while being detrimental to a client’s bottom line. One of her favorite stories is about two people walking through forest trails … so you’ll want to attend her session to hear the rest of that one!

Rinette resides in Gibsons with her partner, and her greatest joy is her new grandson.