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About Cash Flow!

Your guide on how to build your successful business.

The Book

The Harsh Truth is…

70% Of Businesses...

Were profitable when they closed their doors.

82% Of Small Businesses...

FAIL DUE TO CASH FLOW REASONS – According to research done by U.S. Bank and cited on the score/counselors to America’s small business.

The Courageous Entrepreneur is here to help businesses to avoid the pitfalls many entrepreneurs fall into and establish solid foundations for financial security that will benefit them for years to come.

About The Book!

This book acts as a guide to help you anticipate and navigate cash flow threats.

It is a collection of stories by Rinette Lagace from her over 25 years of experience as a Certified Professional Bookkeeper.  Sharing the most common financial blunders made by business owners and provides tactics to avoid these common money-sucking errors.

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Book Reviews

“Inspiring tales of brave small business ownership with all the do’s and don’ts. Through storytelling, Rinette has accurately described the various stages and pitfalls small business owners will experience. The Courageous Entrepreneur offers actionable items that will build resilience in their business while minimizing risk and provide tools to survive to fight again.”

– Dianne Mueller CPB, FCPB – Co-founder of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. Recognized as a Top 10 influencer in Canadian Bookkeeping.

Book Reviews

Excited to read. As someone who has been interested in entrepreneurship, I have been looking forward to a book that I can read and would help guide me in running a successful business.

Peter Kashaya

Book Reviews

“Excellent! Very interesting and detailed for every entrepreneur.”


Book Reviews

Great content. This book has amazing tips and tricks to be successful in this field. It is written with fantastic insight and knowledge, highly recommend.

Alexandra Wentzell

Book Reviews

Very insightful and easy to read. Highly recommend! A must-read for small business owners or really any level of entrepreneur! The emphasis on cash flow over profit is a really fresh outlook on managing a successful business.


Book Reviews

Must have for entrepreneurs! Wow! What a great read. The minute I purchased the book I didn’t look away for hours. The book offers so many tips, tricks, and red flags to look out for when running a business, I truly believe it could be a useful tool for any business owner, new or otherwise. I feel this book better prepares me to hopefully be able to create a profitable business. For someone looking to start a business in the future like myself, it’s something I’ll definitely keep on hand for reference. Thank you to the author Rinette Lagace for spreading your knowledge!

Kevin Bain

Book Reviews

“A lesson on financial intelligence, and what really matters when running your own business! I’ve been reading this book over the last couple of days, I love how the concepts are explained clearly, and new or uncommon phrases or sayings are clearly defined. While there are no guarantees in life, being prepared by gaining financial knowledge, and learning from others experiences, can and will minimize the chance of downfall and maximize opportunity for success. The Courageous Entrepreneur is great book, written by an intelligent and experienced woman. Conversations about money can be difficult and hard to follow, but Rinette Lagace kept me engaged and best of all, I understood what she was talking about! Thank you for the opportunity of learning from your experiences.”

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