What is Cash Flow Management and How does it make a Difference?

What is Cash Flow Management and how does it make a difference for a company?

“Cash gives our business power – the power to hire the best talent, purchasing power for the goods and services we need to grow, and to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise.”    -Div Bhansali, vice president of marketing at AccountantsWorld.

Available cash flow

The available fuel in the tank of your car is equal to the available funds in the bank, if you are running low on fuel, it limits your options as a business owner.

When 70% of businesses that closed their doors were actually profitable, this should be a huge red flag telling us, we need to pay closer attention to cash flow!


Cash flow management services are now available with NET Bookkeeping!

Weekly cash management services, a detailed review of your books and we will work with your current bookkeeper to implement best practices in your business!

Choose a time to meet with me over a 30-minute meeting to discuss how or if we can make a difference! 🙂 https://calendly.com/netbookkeeping/30min


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