The netBookkeeping way

1. Upload your files from your smart phone, ipad, computer or drop off or courier your documents to our office.

2. You will be provided with your own user information, specifically for you and your company, so that you can view your files or print your financials from the previous month or quarter whenever you need from wherever you are.

3. Store important accounting documents relevant to that year, in a folder, easily accessible by yourself or your bookkeeper. This means all your back-up documentation required for CRA and your taxes will be in one place, to be viewed as required.

4. Collaborate easily with your bookkeeper or accountant.

5. Create your invoice instantly from your smart phone and email to your client within minutes.

6. As an added service, you can get real time information, reports with automatic integration with your bank.

What is Audit-Proofing?

Audit-proofing is ensuring all the required documentation is easily located to prove all of your income and expenses so that should you ever be chosen for a random audit, you will have all the necessary paperwork backed-up in a secure location automatically for 7 years to come, regardless of fire, business office theft or damaged receipts and paperwork.

Although we cannot guarantee you will not be audited, we will be able to make an audit less painful for you and your business, saving you time and money. Sleep better knowing you are audit-proof.

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